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Welcome to the Movement to help support local businesses of Tennessee. We started this campaign because we too are a small business and we have a hard time making sure local consumers know it's preferred by us that they stay local and help support their community. We decided to make it our mission to help others with no promise of anything in return. We offer FREE advertising on our Facebook Pages so businesses have a forum to tell the local community about their business without fear of breaking any rules like in other groups. We just hope that down the road as we show how we can help the communities, they will also help us in return. Everything you see on this website is out of pocket to help my fellow business owner strangers, and they don't even know it yet, but soon they will. As this movement grows so will the knowledge of how important it is for the community to stand behind their local business owners and help support them. By doing so it is only a win win win for everyone. The community grows and becomes a flourishing town. The local little guys grow and it helps support their families and their employees families. And it helps us by making sure our passion to the little guys thrive is fulfilled.

I encourage you to purchase some flyers and stickers to help support your local town. Let people know you cherish the town and would rather keep your money in the town, rather then send it off to some other internet company. Place those stickers on your business doors right up front so every customer that walks through that door knows you appreciate them coming in locally. Put some on your bumper so as you drive around town, people know you support local TN. Put those flyers right up on your front counter. Let customers take them so they too can join in the iSupport Local TN Movement. Let know know about your town local chapter on fFacebook and encourage them to join.

Also this helps us pay for the flyers and stickers and running of this website. 

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